Acoustic Materials for Interior Designing

Tranquil India was founded in India in 2013 with the vision of providing world-class materials for world-class lifestyles. The world-class materials we provide are versatile, next-generation products that cater to a diverse of needs and the ambience of a space.

Fiberglass Sound Absorbing Panels

The Tranquil APS Acoustical System is a high-quality acoustic solution that contains a variety of products such as wall panels, baffles, clouds, deco clouds, acoustic separators, ceilings, and more. Tranquil APS therefore satisfies the vast majority of acoustic wall and ceiling standards. It is a green system since it is composed of 59 percent post-consumer recycled glass. Tranquil APS is a world-class NRC product with an NRC range of 0.80 to 1.05 and a choice of thicknesses appropriate for a wide range of applications.

Tranquil ECOCORE - PET Fibre Acoustic Panel

Tranquil ECOCORE is entirely made of PET fibre that has been thermally bonded rather than usual chemical binders. PET is inherently resistant to fire, moisture, vermin, bug, mildew, and germs, thus no chemical additions are required. Tranquil ECOCORE Panels are also suitable for use as a high-quality finish pin board. These boards offer a visually appealing acoustic solution for commercial settings and interior design applications. Any vertical surface is instantly transformed into a dazzling, noise-free wall or display pin board.

Tranquil ECOWOOD - Wooden Acoustic Panels

The best solution for world-class sound absorption and reverberation reduction is Tranquil ECOWOOD-Wooden Acoustic Panels. These are perforated and grooved wood wall and ceiling panels. These are available in a basic range of veneers and laminate surfaces. Their design is durable, with invisible interlocking and concealed attachment methods to ensure a precise fit.

Tranquil 3D

Tranquil 3D Acoustic Designer Panels and these are some of the greatest design-led acoustic panels for making a space come to life while still providing appropriate acoustic performance. These panels are both simple to install and rather attractive. These panels are available in standard sizes and patterns. The styles provided can also be customised to match your individual needs. The panels are extremely adaptable and may be paired with a variety of acoustic materials to fit the demands of practically any area or environment. These are some of the best panels for scenarios requiring absorptive panels with a pleasant appearance.

Tranquil BLOCK

Tranquil BLOCK is a sound barrier made of flexible loaded vinyl that isolates sound to provide a peaceful environment. Mass loaded vinyl is a high-density membrane used on floors, walls, and ceilings to absorb low frequency sound waves, also known as bass and sound vibrations.

Metal Ceilings in the Design

Tranquil offers architects with the appropriate ceiling solutions for their specific projects. Steel and aluminium metal ceilings are offered in a variety of tile, linear, open cell, screen, baffle, and aluminium forms. Tranquil Metal ceilings are mostly used in non-residential buildings such as offices, hospitals, shopping malls, and airports. These metal ceilings offer various supremacy in terms of strength, accessibility, and comfort.

Tranquil Dunes

It is a 100 percent acrylic solid surface manufactured in a world-class facility that can be used as a blank slate with endless possibilities. Dunes is a high-quality product available in a variety of colours and finishes. Its colour palette provides a wide range of great colours that are diverse enough to work with any project while remaining modest enough to deliver amazing value.

Tranquil ALTICOR

The outstanding performance of solid surfaces results in unrivalled beauty. The edges, inlays, and colour combinations are designed with elegance and vigour in mind. Credible eco-friendly products efficiently minimise pollution while avoiding harm to nature and mankind. These standards are met by Alticor. When it comes to direct applications, Alticor is an excellent and reasonably priced option.